LAMBRECHT meteorogical instruments

meteorological instruments
LAMBRECHT is the most experienced manufacturing company in the field of climate metrology world-wide. Wherever relative humidity, temperature, air pressure, precipitation, radiation, flow, wind and other climatic values are measured, LAMBRECHT’s products stand the test.


wind direction sensors

Wind direction and wind speed sensors.

In the catagory "professional wind sensors" meets the challenge of highest reliability over a very large measuring range. Thus two optimized versions are available with regard to power supply and signal output. The design is not only aerodynamically optimized but also effectuates extremely good deep-seaworthiness through the special surface treatment.

precipitation sensor

Precipitation sensor.

With tipping bucket acc. to Joss-Tognini for weather stations
Best price-performance ratio for application as single unit on external data logger systems as well as part of automatic weather stations High-quality, corrosion-resistant materials for a very long outdoor lifetime (> 20 years).

humidity - temperature sensor

The humidity-temperature sensor.

For traffic and building systems Small, light, compact. Easy installation, robust, nearly maintenance free. Low power consumption. Good dynamical behaviour. Reliable membrane filter as protection against pollutants. High long-term stability and nearly linear characteristic line



For easy measurement of temperatures.

air pressure sensor

Precisión Sensor for Air Pressure.

High reliability. Serial output signal. With factory test certificate. Microprocessor technology.



"Second class" according to the WMO Classification. High-quality materials. Very robust and resistant to environmental influences. Long-term stability, UV-resistant. Analog signal output.

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