Medan GmbH, el salvador
MEDAN GmbH, a privately owned family business with innovative marketing strategies and extensive technical know-how. Founded in 1992, it has focused on the manufacture and marketing of linear actuators for the automation of simple and complex specialized work.


MEDAN GmbH, el salvador

The Classic PL-SERIE

  • Equal forces on both ends of the piston
  • Force connection direct, torque safe
  • Piston with or without magnets

MEDAN GmbH, el salvador

The Runner PLR-Series

  • Solid Steel Spacer Slide with Hard wearing Vee running surfaces
  • Aluminium Carriage Plate, Double row bearings for long and trouble free life

MEDAN GmbH, el salvador

Cylinder Sensor ZES

  • Inductive Swich
  • Output available NPN, PNP,RED
  • Mounting Kit

MEDAN GmbH, el salvador

Electrical Drives

  • The standard assembly of connector shaft makes it possible to run several units in a parallel drive.
  • The specially developed MEDAN flange housing with its precise fitting reduces the time spent adjusting the axis during the set-up.

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