MOULDPRO moulding

mouldpro moulding
MOULDPRO brings together a collection of essential products for the plastic injection moulding professional; we offer a comprehensive range of products, including mould sprays, consumables, water couplings, tools and accessories.




INTERNATIONAL D-M-E® compatible.
Safe-Lock™ Safety coupling.
EUROPEAN Hasco® compatible.
FRENCH Staubli® RPL compatible.

hoses material

Hoses Material.

EPDM, NBR, PVC, SILICON Stainless Steel Braided , FKM.

mould sprays Mould Sprays: Mould Cleaner/Degreaser, Mould Release, Silicón Free, Mould Protect, Green
Nano Mould Coating : Can be used on all tool steel and aluminum surfaces
Purging Compound : Safe and fast cleaning of screws, cylinders and nozzles.
Food Grade Lubricant : For Slides and Ejector Pins. Thin-film lubrication, Food Grade, long term action, good protection from corrosion, Operating Temperature - upto 270°C.
valves Valves.
nozzle heaters Stainless Steel nozzle heaters.
Thermocouple Leaf type.
Infrared and Probe Thermometer Kit.
loader hoses

Loader Hoses.

Anti-Static Polyurethane hose reinforced with rigid PVC spiral helix and copper wire.
Polyurethane hose reinforced with a copper covered steel helix.
Coated glass fabric - Single Ply.

end of barrel

End of Barrel.

Screw Tip Assemblies : For all popular makes of moulding machine.
Tip Spanner : Tip spanner, ideal for fast and safe Screw tip replacement.
Replacement Nozzle Tips : Removable Nozzle Tips, Fully hardened tool steel, Polished Radius and Bore.

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