The GYSFLASH S 1.12 PL (1 A) is an advanced charger designed to charge 12 V lead and lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. It has 2 intelligent charging programs that guarantee the performance of each battery technology. Ideal for motorcycles, jet skis, go-karts and lawn mowers, it is equipped with a dedicated North American type A plug.

Specially designed to be fixed on a wall or a lifting bridge, the vertical GYSFLASH 123.12 CNT FV is a high power 120A charger with inverter technology. It makes it possible to maintain a 12 V lead or lithium battery (“standard” Li-ion + LiFePo4) at a perfectly stabilized voltage during the diagnostic phases. It also guarantees optimal charging quality for the maintenance of the most advanced vehicles. Its USB connectivity makes it 100% customizable.


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